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Model Airplane Club is a no profit organization with the objective to promote aeromodelling activity in Pakistan. It is located near the Fathejung/Ternol interchange on M-1, the location is ideal for the residents of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The club is surrounded with wheat and barley fields, unrestricted real-estate and air space. Flying models are flown facing the beautiful back drop of Margella hills (North).

The roots of Model Airplane Club can be traced back to flying field at F9 Park in Islamabad. Since the number of fellow modelers were increasing at that location and it was getting a tad cumbersome to accommodate them under one umbrella, some senior aeromodelers took the initiative to form another club to not only accommodate the new comers but to also promote this amazing hobby, hence the rebirth of "MAC".

The flying is open 7 days a week, however the club administration will be available on the field on week-ends i.e. Saturday and Sunday.


Near the Fathejung/Ternol interchange on M-1.

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The Model Airplance Club membership form can be downloaded here. You can also get this form from Art-Tech Hobbies - Rawalpindi. Everyone can apply for the membership; to apply for the membership, take the printout of the form, fill out all the fields and complete the following formalities

1. 01 Passport size photograph
2. 01 1"x1" size photograph for the membership card
3. Membership fee, Rs 3000/-

There are multiple options available to you to submit the completed membership form. which are

1. Club administration on any given Saturday or Sunday.
2. Art-Tech Hobbies - Rawalpindi.
3. Contact club Vice President (0300 9554637) or General Secretary (0321 5071771) on their Mobile numbers.

Club Management

 MAC President

Mr. Jamshed Ishrat


MAC Vice President 

Mr. Mubashir Shigri

Vice President


Mr. Humayoun Qureshi

General Secretary
Mr. Umer Sarfraz Member Executive Committee
Mr. Jawad Qazi Member Executive Committee
Mr. Nasir Member Executive Committee


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