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Q. Tell us about yourself outside the hobby?

Mr. Sohrab Khan: I am Sohrab Rauf Khan s/o Abdul Rauf Khan. I was born in Peshawar in 1956. I did my initial schooling at Atchison College Lahore, Islamia College Peshawar, Edwards College Peshawar. I wished to join PAF as a pilot officer but my mother was deadly against my joining a flying cadre in PAF.

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eDBF has gone more serious and more fun ... Entry date extended till October 31, 2014

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  • Stomper4x4
    18 hours 13 minutes ago

    How about some crawling at a different place on Sunday at 3pm? Ideas on a spot?

  • kamisg Islamabad Surface Group
    18 hours 33 minutes ago

    Crawling session on Saturday 1st November 2014 at Shamsi Hill.

    Time: 11 o'clock

    Please confirm your attendance

    sulaiman can we do it trail 5?
    34 minutes ago
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    For details of...

    Project 1 (2003)

    This was my first plane project when I had no excess to any RC shop except purchasing some basic item from abrod on my return to home. The whole plane is made of aluminium rods.

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    This was my first...
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 edbf4V4 of eDBF has become eBF V4. - Entry date extended till October 31, 2014

We promised this time the competition will become more serious and more fun. So Electric Design Build & Fly is "electric Build & Fy" i.e. we provide you the design and you will build the model.  The prize for the winner has also become more serious i.e. Brand new DLE55 gasoline engine.

Participants will build a classic SIG electric trainer. We have build this model from a kit and had great fun building it, we flew it and all of us fell in love with this it. It flys slow making it easy to fly and is quite rugged. You can fly it at your backyard.  



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