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Q. Tell us about yourself outside the hobby?

Mr. Sohrab Khan: I am Sohrab Rauf Khan s/o Abdul Rauf Khan. I was born in Peshawar in 1956. I did my initial schooling at Atchison College Lahore, Islamia College Peshawar, Edwards College Peshawar. I wished to join PAF as a pilot officer but my mother was deadly against my joining a flying cadre in PAF.

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  • sulaiman Crawling (rock and trail)
    2 hours 56 minutes ago

    surely they have to more people than two of us!!!!!!!!!!.........islamabad roads are open.......

    sulaiman there was a press conference this evening by ch. nisar directing to open all entrances to islamabad.......whether it gets implemented or not i don't know
    44 minutes ago
  • Stomper4x4 Crawling (rock and trail)
    14 hours 23 minutes ago

    Sorry guys, I can't come since I'm in Pindi; I will need to wait until Islamabad has been re-opened.

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    Can anyone tell me where is the box of my sent messages?

    Anwar Thanks
    5 hours 27 minutes ago
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